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Apple plans to launch Vison Pro early

by on21 December 2023

It is not as if anyone is going to buy it

The fruity cargo cult Apple is planning to release its horrendously priced and clunky Vision Pro headset earlier than expected.

The huge $3,499 mixed-reality headset was a tough sell even for the tame Apple Press, which is used to peddling its favourite companies’ disaster. This was particularly so because some in Apple’s frying saucer thought the thing felt was not ready to go to market as it required the use to have a wire connecting the device to a battery pack among other design issues. 

Apple tipster Mark Gurman says Apple wants to launch its Vision Pro headset “by February.” Apple has previously said iit would launch first in the US in “early 2024” by which it meant March.

Gurman said the company is now “ramping up production … setting the stage for a launch by February.”

This is giving the Tame Apple Press a chance to claim that the gadget is Apple’s “most significant new product in years.”

“The company sent an email to software developers on Wednesday encouraging them to ‘get ready’ for the Vision Pro by testing their apps with the latest tools and sending their software to Apple for feedback,” Gurman said, adding that “it’s another sign of an approaching release.”

Apple was in the final stages of arranging seminars at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, for training members from each Apple Store on how to present and demonstrate the Vision Pro headset to potential customers.

Bloomberg admits that the product is the fiddliest product that Apple has ever brought to market and is taxing for Apple geniuses to fit on customers. Staff must work with potential customers to find the right headband and light seal for a comfortable and effective experience while considering the need for prescription lenses.

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