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Bed company denies it is recording users

by on03 December 2018

I can hear what you are doing Dave and I am telling

Owners of an IoT bed were a little shocked when the company changed its user agreement to effectively allow it to record what they get up to.

For some reason, the company’s privacy made references to audio recording in the company’s privacy policy.

Under a heading explaining which personal information Sleep Number collects, the company, which makes smart mattresses with adjustable firmness, said it “may” collect “audio in your room to detect snoring and similar sleep conditions” as well as sleep-related data such as “movement, positions, respiration, and heart rate while sleeping”.

Michael Farrell [no relation] spotted the user agreement, a web designer and who spotted the clause, shared it on Twitter.

Sleep Number eventually responded to the questions with a statement saying: “Sleep Number’s beds do not record audio. We’re updating our privacy policy to clarify this.”

Farrell thought that the company may record audio through its companion app, which Sleep Number also denied.

“On the x12 model, the bed responds to pre-set voice commands that operate the bed and are not recorded. No Sleep Number products, including the app, record audio.”

So why did the outfit even mention recording in the first place? It appears that the it was included in its  privacy policy as it was developing a prototype with an auto-snore feature.

However that product was never launched and the outfit is now working to clarify this in its policy statement.

Last modified on 03 December 2018
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