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ARM and Intel bury hatchet on IoT

by on16 October 2018

Will team up

Chipzilla and ARM have agreed to work together to manage networks of connected devices from both outfits.

This will clearing a major stumbling block to market growth of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT).

ARM said on Monday it had struck a strategic partnership with Intel to use common standards developed by Intel for managing IoT devices, connections, and data.

The IoT involves connecting simple chips that detect distance, motion, temperature, pressure and images to be used in an ever-wider range of electronics such as lights, parking meters or refrigerators.

Some of the world's dumbest electronics devices get smarter by becoming connected into cloud networks, but also harder to protect. ARM's agreement to adopt Intel standards for securely managing such networks marks a breakthrough that promises to drive the spread of IoT across many industries.


Last modified on 16 October 2018
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