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Microsoft Cortana speaker hits stores

by on23 October 2017

Invoke speaker at $199

Microsoft has joined a long list of vendors supporting smart talking speakers. The marriage with the famous Harman Kardon manufacturer created a Cortana powered speaker called Invoke.

The Invoke is available today and it sells for $199. The speaker promises Cortana answers on some questions you ask, such as Skye integration, phone calls as well as premium 360 degrees sound. The Harman Kardon make incorporates three woofers, three tweeters, and two passive radiators for the best sound in that form factor. You will be able to play music with voice commands but it remains to be seen how well it will work.

Microsoft did a smart thing and expanded its support across devices and operating systems. You will be able to set a reminder to your Windows 10 powered notebook / surface / desktop or Android powered smartphone. It should work on iPhones too, but that's unclear at this stage.

You can make and receive calls with Skype but of course, since the speaker doesn’t have a camera or display it will be a voice only feature. It will even throw in free Skype calling from the US to mobile phones and landlines in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Microsoft will let you control your smart home devices such as smart lights or smart thermometers.

A year on, Microsoft came to the game to challenge the Google Home, Amazon Echo in its second generation and it will have its supporters. Smart speakers with voice control are definitely happening and this looks like the first massive IoT revolution that has made it to millions of homes across the western world. 

At this time, Amazon Echo is the most popular choice, as it will let you order stuff without even looking at your phone or PC.   Now, is that a good thing? Currently on an Echo you can order a Porsche, if your credit card doesn't break the limit.


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