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Zotac doing home automation products

by on15 September 2016

Under Cozee brand

Zotac is well know for its graphics cards or mini PCs and the company has just announced plans to make three home automation products. The Cozee Smart Home family includes a Mini Gateway, Multi-Sensor and Smart Plug.

This market is already crowded as many network component manufacturers have jumped the gun making their own connected smart plugs, smart bulbs or smart cameras. TP-link is one of them and one large name in China which is already making a lot of home automation products is the big Xiaomi. Samsung has a SmartThings platform that it sells in the USA but now Zotac wants a piece of that action too.

The Cozee Mini Gateway is the heart of the network that ties the Smart Home devices together. You will need this in order to make everything work. Philips has one for its very expensive Hue bulbs and the gateway is at the heart of the platform.  The mini gateway comes with a USB connector, WPS button, a power connector, LAN and integrated Wi-Fi. Yes, you do need the internet to make this work.

The Cozee Smart Plug provides remote access to power on/off, scheduling, and energy monitoring to your connected home electronics and appliances. There are quite a few manufacturers doing this in the market and Zotac uses the  Zigbee connectivity protocol. They a  EU, US and UK version of the smart plug. 


The Cozee Sensor is a multipurpose sensor that gives instant readings on temperature, humidity, brightness and motion. This one is most likely battery operated.


The company didn’t came up with any pricing or availability but we expect to learn about it soon.

Last modified on 15 September 2016
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