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Playstation tackle's VR power problems with another box

by on17 December 2015

Virtually trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

While Sony is keen to create a PlayStation VR headset it is having a problem with the device’s power.

VR needs games to run at a much higher frame rate to avoid users getting motion sickness and Sony thinks it has found an answer.

It has created a big processing box, which will plug in to your PS4 and provide additional power for the headset.

The new box is about the size of a Nintendo Wii, so suddenly if you want to go all VR on your Playstation you are going to have to clear a few things off your shelf to make it fit.

Polygon reporters were allowed to see the final version of PlayStation VR this month and while they weren’t allowed to take any pictures, they were able to take a close look at what will be releasing next year and publish their findings.

The processing box will take care of graphics, and help free up resources for two screen social experiences, in which one person will be watching the TV while the other has the headset on.
Apparently the headset is rather comfy in comparison to the Oculus and Vive. Certainly it looks a bit better than the big box strapped to the front of your face design of the others.


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