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Huawei Breathes At LG's Golden Back

by on31 August 2015

Launches an Android Watch with a premium option on Wednesday

Today seems to be the day for upscale Android Watch news. Not to be outclassed by the likes of LG or Apple, Huawei is going to launch its Android Watch contender with a premium version this Wednesday.

As we find out from Huawei's invitation to a product launch at IFA in Berlin, their Android Watch is ready for the awaiting public with not enough notifications in their lives. It's coming on Wednesday, priced at $349.

Seeing how Google learned from the mess of Android phone OS fragmentation and the difficulties with maintenance, updates and security patches that causes, Android Watch is completely locked down. Which makes pretty much every new product that comes with it totally unexciting, feature-wise. 

So poor hardware manufacturers are left with very limited options for product differentiation and some of them are now turning to offering "high end" versions bathed in gold. Well, if Apple and LG can do it, why shouldn't LG, or now Huawei?! And therefore we will be able to purchase a $799 gold version.

Now, we've seen the leaked images of Huawei's design, as have you probably, so let's discuss that briefly. It's a round watch face, with quite slim bezels. Well done Huawei! Let's just hope that the (small?) battery will last long enough not to drive us insane.

The watch clearly also features heart rate sensor on the back, which is more or less standard these days. However, so far we haven't really seen any wrist-worn gadgets which can track the heart rate when it matters the most, during exercise. Here's hoping that improvement is coming soon.

Now, regarding the actual design of the Huawei watch. How can we put this so it doesn't hurt. Basically, it looks like a cheap Chinese knock-off. So what in the name of lord our savior (just kidding) will the real cheap Chinese knock-offs look like then?! Let's keep that in mind when designing the next year's model, ok Huawei?!

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