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Smart shoes: MediaTek Labs help track your kids

by on27 July 2015

Answering the eternal question - where is my kid?

MediaTek LinkIt developer board has enabled the creation of a rather interesting product, wearable connected shoes. 

This is an extension of a wearable tracker that we mentioned before, which comes in a unique form factor. The wearable shoes come in children sizes, as you would want to track them, especially when they are young and restless.  

The board is inside the shoes based on the MT2502 Aster platform.  The platform offers comprehensive communication and media features, including support for GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0, SD Cards, and MP3/AAC Audio, as well as WiFi and GNSS.

The shoe manufacturer from China called 361 (no realtion to helmet maker Six Six One) has enabled the GPS and WiFi and it can beam the information to your phone. The app enables you to set the geo boundaries, so you can limit the area where you kid is allowed to move. We are not sure whether it includes a "you're grounded mister" mode.

The MediaTek Asterk MT2502 comes with a 4MB of RAM, which is just enough for this particular application, and the shoes come with a 520mAh battery. The small developer board is in the heal of the right shoe and it is charged wirelessly.

The 520mAh battery should let the platform run for one to two days and once the kid gets home, you would just place the shoes on the charging pad and recharge them for the future use.

This is a perfect example of synergy of the low power platform and the real world used case. Some people might get concerned the application and cloud services might be hacked, and someone might be able to track you kids. We are sure that MediaTek's software enginners are working hard to prevent any hacking.

The shoes are already selling for about 500 yuan in China, which translates to $80.50 USD or €72.90 EUR. 

Last modified on 27 July 2015
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