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Radeon 4850 goes against 8800GT

by on13 June 2008



We’ve heard that Radeon HD 4850 will be positioned against G92-based 8800GT and that Radeon wins in this performance game.

Nvidia sells 8800GT at a U.S. suggested e-tail price of $179, and we believe that ATI will match this price with RV770PRO or eventually sell it for $10 less.

Performance-wise, RV770XT aka Radeon HD 4850, should completely win against 8800GT and we also heard that it should win against non-overclocked 9800GT cards, but we still don’t know the overclocking limits of 9800GT cards, as these might end up faster than ATI’s offering.

8800GTX/9800GTX will win against Radeon 4850, but they are the other price category that is much closer or level with the price of Radeon 4870.

Last modified on 13 June 2008
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