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More 9800GX2 in-house pictures

by on27 February 2008



We scored a few more pictures of the Geforce 9800 GX2 card and we can now share that this version of the card will have two DVI slots on two bracket back side of the card.

Just above the DVI duo is the HDMI connector, something that many people find sexy and easy to use, while just below the DVIs is a big ventilation opening that might be the only chance to get the hot air out.

While we are sure that the card won’t be noisy, it will certainly end up blowing hot air, hairdryer style, since two G92 GTS GPUs can dissipate a lot of heat.

As we said back in January, Nvidia uses metal and not plastic, which slightly helps cooling and looks more expensive. We believe that plastic might even have had some melting issues; but it certainly looks better in black metal.

We don't have much to say about PCIe, it is 2.0 compatible and the bottom side of the card has 10 mostly irrelevant stickers.

Here are the pictures.



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