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Sparkle announces 1GB 8800 GT

by on22 December 2007


Still with passive cooling


Sparkle has announced a new addition to its 8800 GT series, branded GeForce 8800 GT 1GB Cool-pipe 3. This card uses Cool-pipe 3 passive cooling solution with three heatpipes.

The new 8800 GT from Sparkle works at reference 600MHz for the core, 112 stream processors with reference 1500MHz shader clock and 1GB of GDDR3 memory that works at reference 1800MHz. Since this card uses passive solution, good airflow is a must. Even that 8800GT is based on the 65nm process we seriously doubt that passive solution can keep the temperatures of this card at bay. Even some reference cooled 8800GT's had problems with high temperatures, so partners decided to use a larger fan.

Sparkle can claim the world's first and only passively cooled 8800 GT. And as we saw in our preview of Gainward's 1GB 8800GT this card can definitely benefit from additional 512MB of memory.



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