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ATI changes its graphic strategy

by on03 August 2007


New high end GPU every six month

Sources close to company have confirmed that ATI has changed its strategy. Unlike previous years, the company will switch to a new mode and plans to release a new high end graphics solution every six months.

Nvidia and ATI has in the past tried to release a single high end graphic card every year, but I guess DAAMIT has some other plans.

We already said that there will be a dual RV670 card codenamed R670 and its launch date is set for early Q1 2008 and within six months ATI is suppose to launch the R700, a brand new machitecture. Last time we heard about this chip it was scheduled for a Q2 launch and probably late Q2 rather than early.

By the end of 2008, in Q4 ATI will try to launch another iteration of the R700 chip codenamed R7x0 to put some additional pressure on the Nvidians.

So to make it short, the dual RV670 – R670 launches in Q1 2008 then within 6 months comes R700 and six months after that, ATI is suppose to launch the R7x0 refreshed high end card.  

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