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AMD could introduce AI upscaling FSR later this year

by on05 March 2024

Bringing it to the Nvidia DLSS level

It appears that AMD might be looking to introduce AI-enabled FidelityFX Super Resolution technology later this year, at least according to a brief hint from AMD's CTO, Mark Papermaster.AMD is currently at its third generation of FidelityFX Super Resolution, which is still a non-AI temporal upscaler.

The original first generation upscaler was released back in 2021, and while AMD was years behind Nvidia's own DLSS, AMD went on an open-source path, offering cross-vendor and cross-platform support. The second-generation FR brought a more complex temporal upscaling, upgrading the original spatial one, while the third generation brought Frame Generation to the table.

Spotted by, a brief statement from AMD's CTO, Mark Papermaster, suggests that AMD's next update could introduce an AI-enabled upscaler, similar to what both Nvidia and Intel are doing.

This, for us, is a huge year because we have spent so many years developing our hardware and software capabilities for AI. We’ve just completed AI enablement for our entire portfolio. So cloud, edge, our PC, our embedded devices, and gaming devices. We’re enabling our gaming devices to upscale using AI. 2024 is a really huge deployment year for AMD.

So now, the bedrocks are there, the capabilities are there. I’ve talked to you about our partners that we are working with. So 2024 is, for us, a huge deployment year.

There were no further explanations other than this hint, and while Papermaster does not specifically mention the FSR since gaming is involved, FSR is an obvious candidate. Hopefully, AMD will give out a bit more details soon.


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