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Intel's latest Arc Graphics driver brings 19 percent improvement

by on18 August 2023

Intel PresentMon gets an official release

Intel has recently released its latest Arc Graphics graphics driver and has now shared some performance numbers, claiming up to 19 percent improvements in DirectX 11 gaming and significantly lower frame-times, resulting in a smoother performance with less jitter. Intel was also keen to announce the launch of PresentMon, a utility that analyzes system latencies, which can give you an idea of those same frame rates and frame times.

In addition to explaining DirectX 11 gaming performance uplift of up to 19 percent, when compared to the launch driver and 20 percent smoother performance in the 99th percentile, Intel was keen to note that it has launched 30 driver releases since launch, supporting 57 games with Game On drivers, and bringing XeSS support to over 70 games. Bear in mind that Intel released a significant driver update earlier that has improved DirectX 9 gaming performance by up to 43 percent, and its Arc Alchemist has been doing well in DirectX 12 and Vulkan API titles.

intel arcgpuupdate 1

intel arcgpuupdate 2

intel arcgpuupdate 3

intel arcgpuupdate 4

Intel was also keen to talk about the new performance measurement, GPU Busy, which is simply the time it takes for the GPU to process an API call from the CPU. The lower the frame time, the less jitter there is. This is where the new PresentMon utility comes in, as it can measure this new GPU Busy metric, as well as show other GPU telemetry with voltage, clocks, and temperatures. The Intel PresentMon is still in beta and will be available as an SDK for other 3rd party software, like CapFrameX, NVIDIA FrameView, and GPUOpen OCAT, which already use it.

intel arcgpuupdate 5

You can check out the full driver performance details over at Intel's blog post and Intel PresentMon can be found here.


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