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AMD prepares Radeon Pro cards

by on04 August 2023

Based on Navi 33 silicon

AMD  has released its low-to-mid-range members of the Radeon Pro W7000 series -- the Radeon Pro W7500 and Radeon Pro W7600. 

Both are based on AMD's Navi 33 silicon and will be seen on the shelves a later this quarter. The two cards will make up what AMD defines as the mid-range segment of their professional video card market. And like their flagship counterparts, AMD is counting on a combination of RDNA 3's advanced features, including AV1 encoding support, improved compute and ray tracing throughput, and DisplayPort 2.1 outputs to help drive sales of the new video cards. That, and as is tradition, significantly undercutting NVIDIA's competing professional cards.

For this generation AMD has decided to expand the size of their mid-range pro graphics lineup. While the previous generation had the sole W6600 (and W6400 at entry-level), the W7000 series gets both a W7600 card and a W7500 card.

Besides the performance difference, the other big feature separating the two cards is power consumption. The Radeon Pro W7600 is a full-height video card running at 130W, while the W7500 is explicitly designed as a sub-75W card that can be powered entirely by a PCIe slot and take up just 70 Watts.

The Radeon Pro W7600 is priced at $599 -- $50 cheaper than its predecessor -- while the W7500 will bring up the rear of the W7000 product stack at $429.

Last modified on 04 August 2023
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