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Sparkle makes a comeback with Intel Arc graphics cards

by on27 April 2023

Titan, Orc, and Elf series cards

Sparkle has not been around in the GPU market for quite some time, but it appears to be coming back with Intel's Arc graphics cards.

Caught originally by, Sparkle will join Acer, ASRock, Gigabyte, Gunning, and MSI with Intel Arc series graphics cards.

Currently, Sparkle has three SKUs, including the TITAN, which is based on Intel's Arc A750 with ACM-G10 GPU and 8GB of memory. It has a triple-fan cooler and a slightly higher 2,300MHz GPU clock. The ORC is similar to the TITAN, as it is also based on the Arc A750 with ACM-G10 GPU. This one also has 8GB of RAM but comes with a smaller dual-fan cooling solution and a slightly lower 2,200MHz GPU clock.

The last is the Sparkle ELF, based on the Intel Arc A380 design, packing 8 Xe-cores and 6GB of memory. This is a single-fan dual-slot entry-level graphics card.

We fondly remember Sparkle's Calibre series graphics cards, so hopefully, we will see those make a comeback as well.

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