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Intel shows its DG1 discrete Xe GPU at CES 2020

by on10 January 2020

Still just a dev card but it runs games

While Intel brought a lot of things to show at the CES 2020 show, the biggest surprise was the developer DG1 discrete Xe GPU, which was both showed running a game as a part of the Intel keynote as well as behind close doors to members of the press.

The demo showed during the keynote by Lisa Pearce, VP and Graphics and Software Director, was a notebook, mostly to emphasize the low consumption of the DG1 dev card. While it will take time to see an actual product on retail/e-tail shelves, it is obvious that Intel has made great strides in both hardware and software development. The demo at the keynote was running Destiny 2 game.

The DG1 dev card was also running in a so-called dev kit, and the same one was on display at the CES 2020 running Warframe at 1080p, as pictured by While Intel is still not disclosing any specifications or performance numbers, one thing that could be seen from the dev kit is that it does not need any additional power, which means it is under 75W.

intel dg1ces2020 4

Intel also released a couple of new DG1 slides, which shows the DG1 dev card which is now sampling to ISVs worldwide and should enable developers to optimize their content for the Xe architecture. Intel was keen to note some of the key features for the DG1 as its first dedicated GPU for clients/consumers and based on Xe graphics architecture, including powerful media and display engines, dynamic tuning for power-efficient platforms, and creation and gaming optimizations.

 intel dg1ces2020slide 2

 intel dg1ces2020slide 3

Another important slide from Intel, which we heard earlier, is how Intel plans to scale its architecture across different markets segments, spreading it in three categories, Xe HPC, Xe HP, and Xe LP; covering all market segments, from ultra-mobile, PC mobile, gaming, workstation, to media transcode analytics, cloud GFX, DL/training, and HPC/Exascale.

intel dg1ces2020slide 1 

Hopefully, we will hear more about Intel's DG1 as both Intel tunes hardware and software side and developers optimize their stuff for the Xe architecture. 

intel dg1ces2020 1

intel dg1ces2020 2

intel dg1ces2020 3


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