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AMD confirms custom RX 5700 coming in mid-August

by on10 July 2019

Might consider changing future reference blower cooler

AMD has confirmed that custom RX 5700 series graphics cards will be coming in mid-August, and some partners will launch their versions even later.

AMD's Scott Herkelman, VP & GM of AMD's Radeon Business Unit, took to Reddit to confirm what we wrote back in June, that custom RX 5700 series graphics cards will be coming in mid-August. Some custom designs from various AMD AIB partners have already been teased or leaked online, and Asus has confirmed that their own custom RX 5700 series lineup will not be ready before September.

While AMD RX 5700 series certainly made a good impact when it comes to performance-per-watt, the blower style cooler on reference cards has its drawbacks, as it was both noisy and could not keep the 7nm Navi GPU well cooled. Luckily, Scott also noted that AMD has acknowledged the blower-style cooler drawback and will consider shifting to other types of cooler for future reference designs.

According to the post over at Reddit, AMD claims that blower-style cooler was necessary in order to "guarantee performance in every system to match our launch charts", as it should cool down the GPU even in cases without proper airflow.

Some custom RX 5700 series cards will certainly have a better cooler as AIB partners put a lot of effort in designing the best possible cooler, and hopefully, these won't significantly raise the price.

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