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SK Hynix GDDR5 8Gbit coming in 2H 2016

by on15 April 2016

Samsung already has mass production

Chaps from the memory manufacturers that like to talk to Fudzilla have confirmed that 8Gbit GDDR5 memory will hit volume production in the second half of 2016.

The 8Gbit memory chips would enable cards with much more memory than the usual 6GB / 8GB but the question remains if this is absolutely necessary. Nvidia did release a Quadro M6000 card with 24GB memory and this one might be based on already available Micron or Samsung 8Gbit memory chips. 

The Quadro M6000 24GB is quite an expensive card, and 24GB GDDR5 memory with 384-bit memory interface can make up to 317 GB/s bandwidth. This might be the first graphics card to use the 8Gbit chips for what we know, but our article focuses on the gaming cards. The gaming cards with GDDR5 8Gbit chips can be expected in the second half of 2016 with possible launch in June 2016.


At this time, we hardly see any need for 8GB cards, let alone for anything more than that. Even when you are playing with 4K games, you are quite ok for the time being. The high end gamers with $ / €2000 PCs do believe in the future proof concept, where more memory should provide a higher chances of future proof computer.

If you think about it, Titan X has 24 memory chips with 512 MB each, and the 24 memory chips with 8Gbit density would get you to 1GB per chip, or total of 24GB card. It remains to be seen if such GTX Titan graphics will launch but there is definitely a possibility, at least for leadership and marketing purposes.

We would not be surprised to see 12GB cards launching with the Pascal GPUs.

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