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8K broadcasts of the Olympics expected

by on08 March 2016

Hi-res boredom other than the crowd shots

It looks like Japanese who have 8K tellies in time for the Rio Olympics will actually have something to watch in August.

The Olympics Broadcasting Services (OBS) will be shooting 130 hours of 8K content for Japanese television sets during August's 2016 games at the Rio Olympics, according to Advanced Television.

Those 130 hours will include coverage on swimming, football, basketball, judo and both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

After all three is nothing like watching someone else running very fast in ultra-high definition to put you into a Sunday afternoon style snooze. In any event most of Europe will be at the beach, even if someone was going to broadcast it.

So before you rush out and buy a telly it is important to point out that all this will be in Japan and there is little guarantee that anyone else will be watching. It is certainly not going to give the technology the boost it needs, although it would be important for those all important Brazilian crowd shots.

8K resolution broadcasting isn't the only innovation that Japan hopes to show off. Much more interesting is the work that Mitsubishi is doing on "aerial display" technology that will display open-air holograms, for signage and entertainment, but that will not be around until 2020.

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