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AMD Fiji aims at $849 retail price

by on19 May 2015

4GB first, 8GB to follow

Our well informed sources are telling us that Fiji is not going to be the cheapest chip on the market.  

The Fiji XT card should be performing well but the original plan to introduce the card at $799 is not happening, our sources tell us. Such a price had a logic -- the Fiji XT card is faster than Geforce GTX 980 that sells between $550 to $600 and Fiji XT performance is closer to the  $999 priced Geforce Titan X. Most Titan cards including a few from Asus and EVGA start at $1049, even more than the suggested retail price of $999. This means $849 is a reasonable price for what you get. . 

 If you look at all the facts, it turns out that Fiji might be reasonably priced when compared with Titan X, but Nvidia will launch Geforce GTX 980 TI close to the Fiji launch, just to mess with AMD's plan and put some pressure on the company.

We hear Fiji XT will win some and lose some benchmarks to Titan.  

It looks like the 4GB card will be the first into the shops. The 8GB card has two  GPUs and it won't launch at the same time. The Fiji XT 4GB will launch by middle of June, around E3.

hbm12 1

Fiji XT is the first card that is using High Bandwidth Memory HBM with stacked 2.5D interposer technology and AMD can't make that many. It is always hard to get a good yield from high performance graphics, especially when the chip is supposed to come on the interposer board sitting next to the memory chips.

Fiji XT is a decent successor of the Radeon 290X Hawaii legacy and AMD lovers will be happy aboutowning one, as long as they manage to buy one.  


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