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AMD R9 390X to launch June 24

by on14 May 2015

Not at E3

AMD is reportedly planning to launch the Fiji Radeon R9 390X at a dedicated launch event on June 24.

While it was rumoured that the card would debut at this year’s E3, WCCFTech has learned that AMD’s new flagship graphics card will get its own dedicated event.

Oddly enough, AMD won’t release any cards at E3, according to WCCFTech. The site reports the rest of the 300 series will launch on June 18, a week ahead of the R9 390X. However, the dates are not official and may be subject to change. In any case, AMD will have plenty of new cards in time for the back-to-school shopping spree.

Fiji is AMD’s biggest GPU update since Hawaii, which launched in 2013. The new chip boasts a number of advanced features, but the biggest change is the use of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) on an interposer die.

The new memory allowed AMD to radically redesign the PCB, so we expect Fiji cards to end up very compact – you should get flagship performance from a card roughly the side of a mid-range graphics card. Substantial power efficiency gains are expected as well.

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