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LG gently curves 29-inch 3440x1440 panel

by on13 February 2015

Affordable, sort of

The new LG Electronics 29UC97-S curved 21:9 display is slowly making its way to retail, and it offers a more sensibly priced alternative to LG’s 34-inch displays.

With the 29UC97-S, LG is going a bit smaller and cheaper. The company already has a number of curved 34-inch panels, but they usually retail in the €950-1000 range in Europe, which means they are reserved for enthusiasts with rather deep pockets.

Generous spec

The new 29UC97-S is based on an AH-IPS panel, rated at 300cd/m2, with a response time of 5ms. The static contrast ratio is 1000:1, while dynamic contrast comes in at 5000000:1. The resolution is the same as what you'd get from one of LG's 34-inch panels – 3440x1440 pixels.


Plenty of connectivity options are on board, including two HDMI ports, DisplayPort 1.2, two Thunderbolt 20Gbps ports and a couple of USB 3.0 plugs. 

There’s no G-Sync or FreeSync though, which is something a lot of gamers would appreciate. LG offers FreeSync on one if its 34-inch SKUs, but the 29-incher is not in the same league in terms of pricing. 

The full spec is available on an official LG site, in case you happen to know Ukrainian. If not, you can always use Google Translate, there’s really no need to send “volunteers” across the border or shoot airliners out of the sky.

LG Electronics 29UC97-S pricing and availability

We found the new 29-incher listed at €649, which is quite a bit less – although it’s no bargain. The listings come from German retailers, so the rest of the continent shouldn’t be far off. This is not the official MSRP. As far as North America and the UK go, we really can’t say for sure due to the euro’s weakness.

Like we said, it’s not exactly a cheap monitor, but as far as curved 21:9 displays go, it is a relatively good catch. Plus, it's the only 29-inch unit out there, so there is no frame of reference. 

Now how about a FreeSync SKU? Come on LG...


Last modified on 13 February 2015
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