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XFX gives Battlefield 4 to 270X, 270 owners

by on22 November 2013

Including those that already purchased these cards

XFX launched its R9 generation Radeons weeks ago and most of them are available in the UK market and are expected early next week in the rest of the Europe.

The XFX Radeon R9 270X Boost graphics card - 2GB is available at Scan in UK for £168.32 Inc VAT and it will include free Battlefield 4. XFX Radeon R9 270X DD Black Edition card costs a few pence less at £167.99 inc VAT and should be available on Monday 25th of November, while the most affordable of them all XFX Radeon R9 270 Boost AMD with a £137.12 price and Battlefield 4 is also coming on Monday.

We got official confirmation from XFX that the BF4 deal will not be reserved for new customers, this promotion also includes customers who bought a card before XFX offered it. This is a great move by XFX that will make end users happier with the fact that they were the early adopters of the brand.

The owners of R9 280 and 290 cards are currently left out from this promotion, except the R9 290X Battlefield 4 Edition, but maybe XFX can change its mind about them at some point.

You can check the cards listed at Scan here.

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