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Geforce GTX 780 Ti to end up faster than Titan

by on25 October 2013


Real R9 290X competitor

We have heard from multiple independent sources that the upcoming Geforce GTX 780 Ti will end up faster than the Titan, and obviously significantly faster than original Geforce GTX 780 card.

The Radeon R9 290X is giving Nvidia’s Titan a run for its money, at least in its noisy Über mode, but apparently 780 Ti can put some distance between these cards. Since the GTX 780 currently sells for $649 in most US etail stores and in Europe it costs just over €500, we can only assume that GTX 780 TI performance will come at a high price, but with a Titan like cooler that we saw showcased at Nvidia’s Montreal The way it's meant to be played, the card could end up really quiet.

Let's not forget UK etail where GTX 780 sells for average £499.99 with VAT.

We are not sure if GTX 780 Ti beats the Titan in all benchmarks, but it will definitely be faster in most of them. It remains to be seen what happens to the Titan, currently priced at $999, as the GTX 780 Ti launch will render this pricey card obsolete and uncompetitive.

One can only assume that there might be a Titan price drop happening after the 780 TI launch. The other possibility is that the Titan will be discontinued, if the Ti ends up significantly cheaper to produce.

In the US Titan cards sell for $999 and up, in the German market you can buy a Titan for €800 and in the UK it’s £779.99 on sale, or £800+ on an average day. These cards make sense for people with 2560x1600 or higher resolution monitors and all settings cranked up to max.

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