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Never Settle coming back to Rx200 cards

by on15 October 2013

AMD still hasn’t settled 

We were concerned that AMD’s Never Settle bundle has met its maker and that it might be a thing of the past. Many have noticed that the new Radeon R9 280X and other Rx200-series cards are not coming with the well known Never Settle bundle. On AMD’s Never Settle Forever website we read that the bundle only covers Radeon 7000 series and not the new series.

The good news is that we got official confirmation that Never Settle is coming back to the Rx200 series. AMD Vice President of sales Roy Taylor went on the record confirming that AMD plans to reintroduce the bundles as apparently they get the job done. We lack many details about the bundle pattern as currently Gold reward means you get three games, Silver means two and Bronze is a single game and they depend on the card you choose. We expect a similar deal with future cards and on top of that there’s the limited BF4 bundle for flagship cards.

Despite a quite large investment in these bundles on AMD’s part, reports from Europe and the USA are suggesting that the bundles did help AMDs sales, especially in the higher end market, and the bundles definitely point to a wind of change in the way graphics card manufacturers are doing business.

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