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Ruby is back in style

by on25 September 2013


With a new hairdo

Ritche Corpus, Director of ISV Gaming and Alliances, AMD, announced a few new graphics features and content developed with AMD’s blessing and support.

Corpus noted that AMD already employs numerous people with extensive experience in the gaming industry, both on the development and marketing side. He then recalled some AMD features introduced over the last year, such as tressFX, which is used to render realistic hair in Tomb Raider.

In addition, tressFX is also used in the new Ruby demo, which was premiered at the event, with 12,150 individual strands of hair. Anyone with any 3D modelling experience should know why this is such a big deal.

The demo itself displayed some exceptional lighting and shadow effects, as well as tons of particles and bokeh. It looks quite a bit better than what you’ll see in any game on the market, but we assume it also requires a lot more GPU power than any game, although it’s powered by Crytek’s CryEngine3. Sadly, the demo is not available yet, but Corpus said it would soon be downloadable.

“Ruby is definitely an exception. With age she looks even better,” said Corpus.



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