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Zotac announces its new Geforce GTX 780 AMP!

by on13 August 2013

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With Zotac Triple Silencer cooler

Zotac has announced the newest member of its Geforce GTX 700 lineup, the Geforce GTX 780 AMP! Edition that will feature a high factory overclock and a custom Triple Silence triple-fan cooler.

According to Carsten Berger, Zotac senior director, engineers at Zotac spent extra time in fine-tuning the new GTX 780 AMP! Edition to perfection in order to achieve the 1GHz+ base clock as well as a 3-percent bump in the Boost clock. In case you missed it earlier, the GTX 780 packs 2304 CUDA cores and in case of Zotac's GTX 780 AMP! Edition, it works at 1006MHz base and 1059MHz GPU Boost clocks. It packs 3GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 6208MHz and paired up with a 384-bit memory interface.

In order to achieve those high factory-overclock settings, Zotac decided to use its own Triple Silencer cooling solution that features three fans as well as Zotac's recognizable orange/black color scheme. According to Zotac, the new Triple Silence will bring up to 10C lower temperatures at 15dBA less noise under heavy gaming loads.

Zotac bundles the GTX 780 AMP! Edition with its ZOTAC Boost Premium software bundle that includes Nero Kwikmedia, XBMC, UNIGINE Heaven DX11 Benchmark as well as its own Splinter Cell Compilation game voucher with Splinter Cell Double Agent, Splinter Cell Conviction and Splinter Cell Blacklist (downloadable in summer 2013).

Unfortuantely, Zotac did not shed any light regarding the actual availability date or the price of the new GTX 780 AMP! Edition.

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