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AMD to hold Radeon event in volcanic Hawaii

by on08 August 2013

Launch or no launch

AMD is planning to hold an event in Hawaii in the last week of September. It sounds like and smells like a Radeon launch event, but the company told SemiAccurate that the event will be a tech day, not a launch.


AMD’s island hopping campaign is set to continue, but at this point it is unclear what’s in store for September. It might be a “tech day” or a paper launch, with the actual launch later in Q4.

Given the timeline, there is practically no doubt that Hawaii will be a 28nm part, as TSMC is not quite ready for 20nm yet.

However, as Charlie points out the event sounds a bit too elaborate and costly for a mere tech day. AMD will have to fly legions of geek hacks from Europe, the US and Asia to Hawaii and it seems like a lot of effort and cash for a non-launch event.

We have to agree. It just sounds like a launch event, or a very pricey way of taking a bunch of journos to see the USS Arizona memorial. Who knows, maybe someone at AMD is really into naval history?

In case you happen to be an armchair admiral, we’ve got a great book to pitch this morning - The Attack on Pearl Harbor: Strategy, Combat, Myths, Deceptions by Alan Zimm, an excellent new take on the strategic and tactical aspects of the operation which brilliantly shatters a number of myths and misconceptions.

That’s what happens when GPU makers don’t launch new products in months, Fudzilla starts reviewing naval history books.

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