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Club 3D bids farewell to Nvidia

by on11 June 2013

Goes AMD exclusive

Dutch AIB partner Club 3D has decided to dump Nvidia and go AMD exclusive. The company did not introduce 700-series Geforce cards a few weeks ago, which was clear indication that something is up.

Now it is official, CEO Judith Ma Tseng confirmed that Club 3D is now an AMD-only partner.

“We are showing our commitment to AMD because we believe that AMD is ideally positioned to deliver a complete solution to our customers, and after 16 years in the business offering solutions from a variety of processor partners, we truly believe that we can offer a better solution going forward with AMD alone,” she said.

AMD welcomed the move, describing it as a “powerful acknowledgment” of AMD’s leadership in the GPU space.

However, there might be a bit more to it. For years we’ve been hearing talk of a possible Nvidia AIB cull. Rumour mongers and some people in the know believe Nvidia wants to reduce the number of AIBs and focus on the more profitable ones. We are not convinced, but it doesn’t seem too farfetched, either.

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