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AMD rolls out Radeon HD 8970M

by on15 May 2013

Don’t get too excited, it’s just a rebrand

When AMD rolls out a new product, Nvidia usually counters with an announcement of its own, and vice versa. When Nvidia gears up to launch a few rebrands, AMD does the same.

AMD has announced the HD 8970M, its new flagship mobile GPU, a mobile beast featuring 1280 stream processors and GPU clocks up to 900MHu with boost. If the specs sounds familiar, they should, as the HD 8970M is basically a rebranded HD 7970M with a 50MHz higher boost clock.

Although it’s not exactly a new product, the HD 8970M still has what it takes to beat the GTX 680M in most AAA titles. Of course, Nvidia will counter with the GTX 780M, which will probably be another rebrand of the venerable GK104. In addition, AMD tends to have a price advantage over Nvidia, so the HD 8970M might end up cheaper than the GTX 780M.

Of course, anyone in the market for a proper high-end mobile GPU should probably hold out for 20nm GPUs, as neither AMD or NV won't offer anything really new while they're stuck at 28nm.

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