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HIS iCooler Turbo HD 7790 1GB previewed

by on10 May 2013

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iCooler keeps it cool at 1075MHz

The recently announced HIS 7790 iCooler Turbo 1GB GDDR5 graphics card has arrived at our doorstep and we want to share first impressions with our readers. If you are already familiar with the older HIS 7790 iCooler 1GB GDDR5, you can skip the intro and go straight down to check specifications because only difference that comes with new "Turbo" card are tuned up operating clocks. This means the new graphics card uses the same HIS iCooler cooler which is two slots wide, with the fan centered on the cooler.

his 7790icoolerturbo 1

The cooler is longer that the PCB, resulting in an overall length of 22.4cm (8.8").

his 7790icoolerturbo 2

The power connector is hidden behind the plastic cooler shroud that extends over the PCB length, but plugging a single PCI-E 6-pin cable into the connector is easier than it looks.


HIS managed to push the Bonaire GPU up from reference 1000MHz to 1075MHz, while the memory was overclocked from 6000MHz to 6400MHz. The overclock is not spectacular, but we believe it is controlled by AMD. Other AMD partners came up with the same factory overclock but not one of them dared to push his card further.

his 7790 icooler turbo gpuz

Cooling is not the problem as we can se from the iCooler performance. As you can see from the images below the GPU temperature is hold under 60 Celsius in Unigine Heaven at 1920x1080 resolution or in Hitman Absolution after half hour of playing at resolution 1920x1080. The iCooler it is not quietest HD 7790 cooler out there but it does not get loud even when the card is under full load.

his 7790 icooler turbo hitman load

The HD 7790 iCooler Turbo comes with 1GB of GDDR5 memory paired up with a 128-bit memory interface. Memory interface is the main drawback when it comes to the card performance but if we look it from other side it comes in good use to keep the HD 7790 slower than the HD 7850. Overall the HD 7790 has a great price/performance ratio and you will get a card that can keep up with most games at 1920x1080 with in-game settings lowered down to High.

res mark fire

According to EU price search engines, the new HIS 7790 iCooler Turbo is available across Europe starting at €122,80.

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