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Zotac launches another GTX 680 AMP! Edition graphics card

by on28 February 2013

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New cooler and Assassin's Creed III game bundle

Zotac has announced a refined and updated version of its factory-overclocked GTX 680 AMP! Edition graphics card. Apparently the new GTX 680 AMP! will be getting a new Dual Silencer cooler as well as an Assassin's Creed III game bundle.

As far as the specifications go, the refined GTX 680 AMP! still features 1536 CUDA cores, works at 1110MHz base and 1176MHz Boost GPU clocks and features 2GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 6608MHz and paired up with a 256-bit memory interface. According to Carsten Berger, senior director at Zotac, the refinement to the Geforce GTX 680 AMP! Edition design comes as a result of many months of engineering and imporves acoustics and cooling characteristics.

In addition to the Assassin's Creed II download voucher, which will also be available with Zotac GTX 680 2GB and GTX 680 4GB graphics cards, Zotac also bundles this card with Zotac Boost Premium free software bundle that includes Nero Kwikmedia, XBMC and Unigine Heaven DX11 benchmark.

Unfortunately, Zotac did not shed any light on the actual availability date or the precise price of the new GTX 680 AMP! Edition graphics card.

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