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New round of Radeon price cuts coming next week

by on15 September 2012

10 to 20 percent

Good news if you are planning a GPU upgrade. According to PC Perspective, AMD are planning to slash cut of several Radeon HD 7000 boards next week and some of the cuts are substantial.

In the low end and mid-range markets, the HD 7750 will drop to $95, while the HD 7850 and HD 7870 will have their prices slashed to $200 and $240 respectively. The HD 7950 will go for $290, while the boost edition will set you back $10 more.

Flagship HD 7970 are also getting a haircut and the plain HD 7970 should go for $410, while GHz Edition cards should sell for $430. The cut is expected to go into effect next week, so nothing is official yet and a grain of salt is advised.

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