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Powercolor's dual HD 7970 Devil 13 coming soon

by on14 August 2012


Clocks detailed

You may all remember Powercolor's surprise, showcased back in June at Computex, a mouthwatering graphics card that goes under the name of Devil 13 and features two HD 7970 GPUs placed next to each other on the same PCB. Now, we managed to get a bit more information regarding it as it looks like that this beast will soon hit retail/e-tail after all.

According to our sources, the new Devil 13 has been slightly modified and the cooler has been tweaked, so we will probably see a slightly different card than the one pixellized back at Computex show. It still features two Tahiti XT GPUs placed next to each other on the same PCB and we will probably see the same three 8-pin PCI-Express power layout.

We even managed to score some details regarding the final clocks of the Devil 13 and it looks like the GPU will be running at 925MHz while the memory will end up clocked at 1375MHz (5.5GHz effective). Since it will feature dual-BIOS, the second one will take the GPU up to 1000MHz while memory will remain at reference 1375MHz (5.5GHz effective).

The new Devil 13 can be considered as a custom HD 7990, despite the fact that AMD still did not release any solid information regarding its reference HD 7990.

According to our info, the new Devil 13 should be officially launched in the next few weeks, if all goes well of course.

powercolor devil13 2
powercolor devil13computex 1

Last modified on 15 August 2012
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