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Powercolor launches two HD 7950 graphics cards

by on31 January 2012


PCS+ HD 7950 performs admirably

Following the official launch date, Powercolor has also rolled out two new Radeon HD 7950 graphics cards, the plain one and the PCS+ HD 7950 factory overclocked one with an impressive custom cooler.

Spec wise, both cards feature 1792 stream processors or 28 GCN compute units and come with 3GB of GDDR5 memory paired up with a 384-bit memory interface. The plain one works at AMD reference 800MHz GPU and 1250MHz (5GHz GDDR5) memory clocks while the PCS+ version ended up overclocked at 880MHz for the GPU while memory remained at reference 1250MHz.

Unlike the plain HD 7950 that uses a single center placed fan, the PCS+ HD 7950 features two 92mm fans that cool a large heatsink connected to the GPU copper base via three 8mm heatpipes. It looks like that Powercolor has improved its PCS cooler and this one, according to what we've seen in some reviews, really performs well in both noise and cooling department.

Both cards are already available, and currently Powercolor's plain HD 7950 is already available at Germany retailer/e-tailer with a price set at €399, which makes it one of the cheapest HD 7950 cards around. The same retailer/e-tailer lists the PCS+ version with a price tag of €438,95.

 powercolor hd7950std 1

powercolor hd7950pcs 1

powercolor hd7950pcs 2

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