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More HD 7000 series specs, prices revealed

by on30 December 2011

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Earlier this week Fudo dug up some HD 7000 details, and just in time to end the miserable year that was 2011 in style, we’ve come across a few more.

We already wrote about Tahiti and New Zealand, and we mentioned mid-range and entry-level cards based on Pitcairn and Cape Verde GPUs. Now we have a few more details and we seem to have missed a couple of interesting cards.

In addition to the HD 7900 series, it appears Tahiti will also appear as an LE version, branded HD 7890. It packs 1.5GB of memory, 1536 stream processors, 96 texture units, 32 ROPs and a 216GB/s memory bus. Intrigued? We are, as the SRP is $399, a full $150 less than the Tahiti XT. It should show up in March.

Pitcairn will also be available in LE flavor, but only in the second quarter of 2012, under the HD 7790 brand. It has 1GB of memory, 1152 stream processors, 72 texture units and 24 ROPs. The memory bandwidth is 144GB/s and the price stands at $199. In addition, AMD will offer Pitcair Pro, HD 7850 cards with either 1GB of 2GB of memory, for $219 and $249 respectively. The former should launch in March.

So, no now we have the last pieces of the puzzle and mind you, AMD has quite a nice lineup for 2012. The race is on, and Nvidia will have to pull out all the stops in 2012 to hold its ground. This is probably the last story I’ll do this year, so happy New Year folks, enjoy your new 28nm toys.

More here.

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