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Dual-GPU HD 7990 coming in Q1

by on26 December 2011

Ruins Nvidia’s Christmas, Easter

According a leaked roadmap, AMD will introduce its dual-GPU Tahiti card by the end of Q1. The launch should follow the introduction of the somewhat more cost effective HD 7950, rumoured for February.

The Tahiti XT has already emerged as the fastest GPU on the planet and thanks to the power efficient 28nm process, AMD shouldn’t have much trouble designing a dual-GPU card. The dual headed beast should feature an immense 6GB of memory, along with two Tahiti chips, finely tuned to cut power consumption and make use of AMD’s ZeroCore technology, that should enable the card to power down the unused GPU completely while idling.

The launch will put even more pressure on Nvidia, but the same is true of the HD 7950, perhaps even more so. It seems highly unlikely Nvidia will ship any high-end Kepler cards by the time AMD introduces the HD 7950 and maybe even the HD 7990. So, even if Nvidia’s next generation chip manages to outpace AMD’s Tahiti, AMD will still retain the performance crown thanks to the dual-GPU HD 7990.

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