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AMD already shipping 28nm GPUs

by on15 December 2011

Everything on schedule, move along

AMD claims it is already shipping its first 28nm GPUs. We are not talking about mere samples, partners are getting the final product and they are expected to roll out the first cards in a few weeks.

AMD is planning to debut the new products at CES in January, a couple of months ahead of Nvidia. CEO Rory Read says TSMC is already ramping up production and AMD is “very excited” about the new generation. After a very uneventful year in the graphics industry, we have to admit we are all pretty excited.

However, it is worth noting that the long road to 28nm was hardly AMD’s, or Nvidia’s fault for that matter. The process simply didn’t mature on time, so both companies were forced to effectively push back the introduction of new GPUs for 2012.

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