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Radeon HD 7000 is 384-bit

by on07 December 2011

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High-end SKUs, of course

On top of the new 28nm manufacturing process, courtesy of TSMC, AMD’s new HD 7000 series will also feature other exciting novelties.

We have learned that high end Southern Islands parts will feature a 384-bit memory interface. We‘ve already told you in that the memory of choice is GDDR5.

Naturally some mainstream and entry level parts will still feature a slower, cut down version of the memory engine, due to necessity for lower TDPs and production costs, but most of you know how it goes. Some parts end up with 384-bit memory, yet others, like mobile GPUs for example have to make do with 128-bit. Fewer bits translate into lower TDPs and cheaper cards.
Our sources are still telling us that the official launch is early next year and only rebrands will make it to this year, not the actual 28nm parts.

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