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Futuremark to roll out 3Dmark for Android

by on01 December 2011

Coming to a tablet near you in 2012

Futuremark is working on an Android version of its popular 3Dmark benchmark suite.

The outfit is planning to cooperate with Android manufacturers and developers in the hope of establishing a foothold in the emerging market. Futuremark has been a key play in the PC world for over a decade and it hopes to spread to emerging platforms, such as Android.

With quad-core chips and relatively powerful graphics cores from ARM, PowerVR and Nvidia slugging it out in the mobile market, a proper benchmark will surely come in handy for consumers, developers and hacks alike. In addition, the Android mark will be comparable to the Windows 8 3Dmark results, which could emerge as the next major OS in the ARM market.

We guess it won’t take long before graphics companies start “tweaking” their chips and software to get a few extra marks.

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