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Discrete graphics market takes nosedive in Q2

by on24 August 2011

15.2 percent down, market shares flat
According to Jon Peddie Research, discrete graphics sales in Q2 dropped by about 15.2 percent, due to seasonal trends and the ongoing economic crisis. Overall shipments dipped from 19 million in Q1 to just over 16 million in Q2.

Add-in board partners seem to be hurting, as the drop comes on the heels of a pretty underwhelming year in the graphics world. Both AMD and Nvidia went nearly three quarters without any new products and the market has been stuck at 40nm since mid 2009. Basically few people have a real reason to upgrade, especially with new 28nm parts around the corner.

It is worth noting that the drop seems to have affected both graphics giants equally and market shares were not disturbed, at least not significantly. AMD ended the quarter with a 40.6 percent share, gaining just 0.1 percent, while Nvidia lost 0.1 percent to close the quarter with a 59 percent share.
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