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Radeon HD 6990 OC BIOS switch under warranty

by on18 March 2011

XFX puts the foot down
We already wrote about the warranty issue back when the HD 6990 was launched and we told you that it is simply a matter of time before some partner steps out and says that the cards are oficially covered by a proper warranty despite AMD's dodgy warranty statement. The wait is finally over as XFX has boldly stepped out saying that the warranty stands under usual RMA terms even under 880MHz OC.

The XFX didn't really surprise us as some partners that we talked to have already said that, unoficially, the card is still covered under warranty and regular RMA terms. The reviewers that have pushed the HD 6990 to work on 2nd BIOS have already tested the card and it works pretty good, although some do suggest that the fan should be pushed to a bit higher RPM just to keep the temperatures a bit down.

It is nice to know that at least XFX had enough questions about it which made them put its foot down and say officially that the card is still under full warranty. Let's see which partners are joining in on the fun.

Last modified on 18 March 2011
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