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Today is the HD 6990 day

by on08 March 2011

The new king of the hill
The day has finally come and we have the first of the new dual-GPU cards as AMD has finally launched its Radeon HD 6990 dual-GPU card, codename Antilles. The new Radeon HD 6990 features two Cayman GPUs on a single PCB so you end up with a total of 3072 stream processors.

The new Radeon HD 6990 works at 830MHz for the GPUs, has a 2x256-bit memory interface and 4GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 5000MHz. Once again, AMD decided to include the BIOS switch that takes the card up to 880MHz for the GPUs. According to the AMD spec sheet, the card has a 375W TDP as it needs two 8-pin PCI-E power connectors.

AMD suggests a 750W+ power supply or a 1000W+ one in case you want to run two of these for some CrossfireX action. The backplate features one DVI and four mini DisplayPort outputs. There is nothing to worry about as every single card will ship with adapters for two more DVIs and one HDMI output.

In order to cool down the GPUs, AMD opted for a dual heatsink cooler that is cooled by a single, central blower fan. According to the first reviews, the cooler keeps the card at reasonable temperatures and it doesn't make that much noise. The price, something that hasn't been talked about that much, is set at US $699. If you think that this is a bit steep, however, just bear in mind that we are talking about the performance king.

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