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AMD offically launched HD 6700 series

by on21 January 2011

Juniper rebrands
AMD has officially rebranded its HD 5700 series Juniper based graphics cards to Radeon HD 6700 series. The Radeond HD 6750 and the Radeon HD 6770 are now detailed at AMD's website and have the same specs as the old HD 5750 and 5770 cards.

To be fair, a while back AMD did say that the HD 5700 series is here to stay so this rebrand doesn't come as a surprise. On its product page, AMD cleary states that these are based on the HD 5700 series hardware with added support for HDMI 1.4a and it appears that these rebrands are only for OEMs while retail/e-tail is still listing the HD 5700 series cards.

As far as the specs go, the HD 6770 features 800 stream processors, DirectX 11 support and features a 128-bit memory interface paired up with GDDR5 memory. THe HD 6750 has 720 stream processors, while both cards have the same clocks as the old HD 5700 series.

For now it looks like that these two rebrands are OEM only but we'll keep an eye out in case these appear in retail/e-tail. You can find them both here.

Last modified on 21 January 2011
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