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Cayman to get cheaper 1GB version

by on10 January 2011

Early HD 6950 1GB listings appear
We came across a rather interesting listing of a Sapphire HD 6950 board on our price search engine. What makes the new board quite interesting is not some fancy feature, but rather the lack of 1GB of memory.

Sappire’s new board, designated 11188-01-40G, packs just 1GB of GDDR5 and it’s a reference design with stock clocks. So, it’s really nothing spectacular, but it’s still a very interesting development. According to German tech site, the HD 6970 should also get a 1GB version, although we think an HD 6950 with 1GB makes quite a bit more sense.

The HD 6950 is one of AMD’s most competitive cards at the moment. It offers excellent value for money and Nvidia simply lacks anything to pit against it in the sub-€250 market. The new 1GB versions will obviously end up even cheaper than the currently available 2GB models, but at this point we are not entirely sure about the pricing.

Current listings indicate that the 1GB version could sell for about €240, but since the 2GB version is already selling for just over €250, we are guessing that the price will end up even lower. In any case it seems like a very nice move on AMD’s part.

Retailers believe they will have the 1GB HD 6950 in stock by the end of the month. You can check out the listings here.
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