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PowerColor rolls out HD 6970 LCS

by on31 December 2010

Water-cooled Cayman at 925MHz
Mentioning the Caymans usually conjures up images of pristine beaches, tanned women, money laundering and crystal clear Caribbean waters.

However, in the graphics world Cayman stands for AMD's latest high-end GPU series and PowerColor is the first AIB to offer a water cooled HD 6970 board.

The card features EKwaterblocks cooling capable of dissipating more heat than a bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Gold and a sweaty bucket of ice. The water block covers all vital components and PowerColor claims it can keep temperatures under 50°C at full load. The block itself features 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch fittings and ships with all the necessary O-rings needed to connect it to a liquid cooling system.

The card is facture overclocked to 925MHz core and 1425MHz memory and features Volterra digital power management to ease further overclocking.

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