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Radeon HD 6970 priced at $450

by on07 December 2010

EU price from €429 to €449 with VAT
We got a hint on Radeon HD 6970 pricing. Our sources are indicating that the suggested e-tail price for this product should be set around $450 in USA, while Europe will have to pay between €429 and €449, depending on the country.

As we previously announced Radeon HD 6970 will ship in volume and there should be plenty of cards available on launch day, e.g. you can call it a real hardware launch and the card looks to be significantly cheaper than Geforce GTX 580. The GTX 580 sells for some $515 to $530 depending on the brand and shipping cost and ATI looks like it will end up cheaper. This is quite good news for Radeon fans.

We still don't have any concrete information about Radeon HD 6950 EU pricing but of course it should end up close to €300 to €350 if not less. This is a simple educated guess knowing that Nvidia wants to price the GTX 570 around the $330 mark for the US market.

Of course bear in mind that the launch is still a week away and AMD might readjust its prices to counter the GTX 570, but this is the info we are hearing today.

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