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Entry level Radeon 6000 series in Q1 2011

by on15 November 2010

Turks and Caicos
If AMD doesn’t hit any delays they should have the complete Radeon HD 6000 lineup launched before April 2011. We are talking about a Q1 2011 launch frame and most likely it will happen in late January or early February.

This is the current plan and the codenames should we well known by know Turks and Caicos. Turks should replace Redwood, while Caicos replaces Cedar.

These will be the new chips, not rebrands, but AMD didn’t really talk much about this to its investors. From the roadmap one might conclude that Turks comes in early Q1 2011, while Caicos comes a bit later.

The new roadmap also indicates that Radeon 5770 also continues to live beyond Q4 2010 and possibly into Q1 2011 and beyond.
Last modified on 15 November 2010
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