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Nvidia cuts GTX 460 pricing

by on21 October 2010

AMD might follow suit with 6800 MSRPs
Several reports claimed that Nvidia was planning to cut GTX 460 and 470 pricing to counter AMD's 6800 series launch. As we've said earlier the GTX 470 has already slipped below the €200 mark and we're already starting to see some cuts in GTX 460 prices, so it turns out the rumour mill was right.

This is not the first major price cut for the GTX 460, which is probably the most competitive card Nvidia has to offer today. The 460 was introduced back in July with an MSRP of €199 for the 768MB model. It dropped to around €150 in early September and as of yesterday several cards are available for less than €130. It appears that the new price cut won't be as massive as the previous one, so the 768MB version could end up some €10 to €15 cheaper.

The 1GB version is currently available for €159, so it appears that it's also getting a €15 to €20 cut. At this point it's hard to talk about exact numbers as prices are being constantly being adjusted, but we are probably looking at a 10 percent cut across the range.

In case you're routing for the red team, we've got some good news for you, too. Techpowerup is quoting sources close to AMD as saying that the HD 6800 series might also end up somewhat cheaper than originally expected. AMD could drop prices by around $/€20 to make Barts cards a bit more appealing.

It's just nice to see the graphics guys slugging it out and eating into their margins.
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